We Are Scientists

7″ + Tote

Price: $20.00
Perhaps the most sensible bundle yet designed by man: an immaculate, heavyweight 7-inch single plus a tote bag to carry it around in. Never again will you need to leave your prized 7-inch at home when you go traveling. Instead, throw it and a few other essentials into the accompanying tote and scoot along.

About the 7-inch: Much can be said about this little platter of vinyl. It's a limited edition. It's imported (from England). It's heavy-weight (whatever the really *deluxe* weight is… 80 gram? That seems too heavy. 8 gram? 0.2 pounds? Whatever the *really good* weight is, this is that weight). It's TWO-SIDED, which means you get two songs: "Something About You" and "Let Me Win," each of them recorded and mixed by Mr. Claudius Mittendorfer just a couple of months ago in New York City. It also features two gorgeous, seedy photographs by Mr. Dan Monick, one on each side of the premium, full-spine cardboard sleeve.
Make no mistake, this is a 7" single you will hand down to your children, and that they will hand down to their best children.

About the tote: A tote bag that looks good from every angle, because you live your life in 360 degrees, and you need a tote that does the same. On one side, some kind of starry-eyed Hell Hound and the phrase "There's something about you…" — and there certainly *is* something about this Hell Hound! He or she is a beaut, no doubt about it. On the tote's other side, our timeless logo, hand drawn for added charisma.
We haven't even mentioned the elephant in the room: this tote is made of rare white canvas. Nearly impossible to source in 2013, its production outlawed in all but a handful of nations, white canvas represents the most exclusive of man's fabrics, and is to be hoarded when it is found. We recommend filling your basement with these things. One for your shoulder, 2000 for your basement — that's the suggested order size.